Once and Sometimes

NOT a hardboiled egg


I cracked an egg on the table like a hardboiled egg because I thought it was hardboiled.  It wasn’t.


My neighbors bring me food from one of the following categories: fruit, bread, eggs, curds.


My neighbor brought me rice with milk.  And milk tea.


I pretend a specific long stretch of sand by the military compound on my way to and from work is a catwalk, and I’m the only model.  The sun is the flash from cameras, and the audience consists of the pigs in the field, the cows in the trash heaps, and the military guards at the compound’s gate.


I fell in the sand when I was walking my hard walk after a rain.  The sand was compact; the wire was sticking out of the ground; my boot got caught.  It was the busiest I’ve seen that road.  I didn’t brush off my knees until I was out of sight of the witnesses.


4 thoughts on “Once and Sometimes

  1. A model’s worst nightmare. I LOVE the visual and I think I will enjoy random snickers every time I think of it.
    Nice post. You nut! 😀

  2. This is my favorite post so far. Not because of the fall but because it makes me feel less weird for standing in front of fans, hair blowing, pretending I’m shooting my first music video.

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