Do dogs leave treats for their owners like cats?

Because I found a bone on my front stoop yesterday morning when I came back from using the outhouse.  I realize it’s the Gobi and that bones litter the ground as much as litter does, but I like to keep my front stoop litter-free, yes ma’am, I do.  My hashaa dog and I have bonded recently, as well, due to my being the only one in the hashaa that pets him/her, doesn’t throw rocks at him/her, and sometimes even drops food within reach for him/her to enjoy.  Hence, my thinking he/she left me a gift for my good will.  Reciprocity.  Tit for tat.

The bone lay on my front stoop until a curious puppy from next door came to sniff it.  Watching adoringly from inside my open-door ger, I wanted it to pick the bone up and become my new friend.  Right as its teeth met the bone and the sparks of a loyal, lifelong friendship were lighting, a flying rock (from the hand of my protective neighbor man) hit the puppy’s side, leaving it yelping and scurrying from me forever.  That’s what happens if you’re a dog, here, pup.  Live and learn.

Brother to the pup that scurried

Still, l was left with a bone on my territory.  It could have just been a bone in the Gobi, scattered by the wind and broken by scavengers.  Or it could have been a gift of love.  I ended up feeding it to my dog again: let the cycle of generosity continue…


4 thoughts on “Question

    • Some are ‘pets,’ which really means they’re chained to a yard that they are supposed to protect. Few are actually pets the way Americans think of them, kind of like indoor, furry companions. That’s a weird concept here. Some don’t have owners, but many do.

  1. That breaks my heart. Even though my heart still beats faster at the sound of a bark, — even when I’m sitting safely inside my apartment — that story saddens me. It slightly reminds me of Blackie, our neighbor dog who became our protector. I came to know his bark apart from the rest and remember hearing him nearly attack our friend CJ on a couple of occasions. On the whole, though, I was frightened by every dog on that island! Even puppies. Glad to hear you feel comfortable leaving your door open.

  2. Did you try and explain how dogs are treated in Missoula? As furry babies who sleep in their owners’ beds, eat food that is organic and more expensive than the owners’ own food and have their own doctors. That might start a stereotype in Mongolia about the crazies over in the states. I would probably have five dogs in my ger by now that I had adopted.Good job on restraining yourself 🙂

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