The Shadow

The sun shone brightly this morning.  It’s getting lighter and lighter earlier and earlier every day.  It makes waking up much easier, especially because it’s also getting warmer and warmer.  And every morning–dark or light– I wake up at 7:30 and do my morning chores before yoga.  The first chore, of course, includes dumping my pee bucket into the outhouse and using the outhouse that I couldn’t bring myself to use during the night.

This particular morning, I was sitting in there, the bright sun coming through the slats, when a shadow blocked some of the sun.  And not the a-cloud-just-blew-across-the-sun-and-will-go-away-soon type shadow, but the someone-or-something-is-right-behind-me type of shadow.  The position I was in severely limited my mobility, so I stared out the side slat until I saw the suspect–the one who tries to sleep in my ping at night– walking away.  He turned into my hashaa, and next thing I know, his nose is trying to pry open the outhouse door.

I think my dog is a Peeping Tom.


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