Name poem

[The first two lines are taken from Rocket by Todd Boss for Everyday Poems]

Despite that you
wrote your name
on this mug
and this chair
and inside this book
and even at the base
of the door,
they don’t belong to you.
You can’t have any of it.
They were given
to you on loan,
and you defaced
them anyway.
I wish you could
take it back,
erase the marks you made
and any traces you left.
I wish I didn’t have to
be reminded of you,
didn’t have to touch
the places your hands touched
and step over the
thresholds you claimed.
I want to break free
of your attempts
at ownership.
I want to be
done with you.
I want to
forget your name,
despite that it’s
written on every
piece of my life.


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