It hardly seems fair poem

[The first line is from Course by L. W. Lindquist.]

It hardly seems fair, the way
she believes I’m her world.
The way she clings to me and
seeks me out with a smile,
like we exist only for each other.
If she had a word for it, she’d
call me Mama. But I didn’t teach
her that word, so our relationship
has no name. It just is. We
communicate with looks and
touches; she is my girl, and I
am hers. But it won’t stay that
way forever.
It would be more fair if
she knew it, if she didn’t expect
me to be there every morning
and afternoon and night. But
she has no idea that her world
will be taken from her one day
soon, without her consent, without
warning. She has no idea that one
morning I will be gone, that I won’t
be hers anymore. The name I never
taught her will belong to someone
else, and she doesn’t have a choice
in the matter. She has absolutely no idea.
That just seems so unfair.

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