Yours truly

My name is Alyse, and a few years ago I finished a Peace Corps service in Mongolia where I was working on my Master’s in Intercultural Youth and Family Development. This blog started out as a way of staying in touch with those back home (and around the world) by providing glimpses of my life in Mongolia, but it has become a way of expressing my ideas on life in general now that I’m back in the States. After working as a foster parent for a year and a half for an organization in Houston that cared for children in crisis due to neglect, abuse, or exposure to HIV, I am now living in Chicago with my brother and working at a university. I welcome feedback, comments, browsings, musings, and the like, so feel free to post your thoughts!


21 thoughts on “Yours truly

  1. I’m in Mrs. Konieczka’s English 1 class. You will be getting our presents sometime in the next week or so I hope, My name is Josh, and I hope that you enjoy my present to you(:

  2. I am another student in Mrs.Konieczka’s English 1 class. My name is Marie Bergen. I have read about how you live in Mongolia. Our class has made presents for you and are hoping you love them. Hope you have a great time in Mongolia these next two years and thank you for what you are doing for our country.

  3. I was thinking that even after our presents arrive, I would continue to write you letters since you have only limited people to talk to in Mongolia, I think what you are doing over there is great.

  4. I feel the same way as Josh does. I will still continue to send you letters from here in your home country. Life must be difficult for you in Mongolia not being able to speak with many people. At least you have friends and family that support what you are doing there in Mongolia.

  5. hi this is Beth and Mackenzie. we wrote a letter to you. i hope you enjoy all of our letters. You are doing great things. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Hello Alyse,

    I am so happy to find your blog! I will be coming to Mongolia as a Community Youth Development worker in June. While I’ve read through most of your posts, I was wondering if I could contact you with more specific questions about your experience as a CYD. The more info I can get the better (however, I’m well aware that you can never really be prepared for the Peace Corps…they always keep you on your toes!)


  7. Hahah this picture makes me laugh. If someone didn’t know you it’d be a little weird but I can totally picture your attitude and humor in it.

  8. Hi Alyse,

    As a soon-to-be Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia (leaving this May), I have very much enjoyed perusing your blog. On that note, I would enjoy hearing your thoughts about a few specific questions I have regarding PC Mongolia. My email is Thank you for considering.


    • Hi Stephanie!
      You’re so welcome– thank you for writing! I wish more people read my blog to be better publicity for you, but I might only refer about two readers your way. Sorry. :-/ I am pretty happy you stopped by, though! It’s certainly an honor.

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